Onur Çoban was born in Denizli, Turkey, in 1980. He studied photojournalism at Gazi University in Ankara (Year 2004). In 2007, he photographed internally displaced people suffering from cataract in Darfur. The same year, he reported on the living conditions of war victims in Kabul, Afghanistan. Meanwhile, he conducted projects in Turkey about the Romani and Shia communities. He also documented the working conditions on Turkish shipyards, where dozens have died in accidents. In 2009, he travelled several times to Calais (northern France) to photograph migrants and their so-called “jungle”, days before its destruction.
Over the past years, he completed assignments in Haiti, Fukushima (Japan), Tunisia, Somalia and on the Libyan frontline. Most recently, he has covered conflicts in Syria, Irak, Gaza and Yemen.